About Punky Doodle

October 2000 - March 18th 2017


He is also known as "Punk", "The Dood" and "Doodle". He is jealous and very possessive. He hates being left out of anything and always wants to be the first of our cats to get breakfast in the morning. He is also very loving and is very attached to me. We have a song that describes him:


Punky Dood-
He is rude,
And he has an attitude-
Oh, Punky, Punky Dood.


-- Nancy L. Herndon-Robinson (Punkys momma) --
Nancy L. Herndon-Robinson (creator and artistic director of the site) is a 1977 graduate of Cooper School of Art in Cleveland, OH. She has 27 years experience in greeting card, children's book and social expression design. Over the years, she has worked for Hallmark, The Franklin Mint, American Greetings and lots of other companies. She loves kids, cats, her family and her husband, Gary.

-- Gary L. Robinson (Punkys poppa) --
Gary L. Robinson (web site master) is a computer programmer with 20 years experience in C, C++, C# and many other areas of hardware and software. He has had many experiences over the years and worked in many different capacities - including 12 years as a Corrections Officer which helps him immensely with handling Punky and his siblings. He loves kids, cats, computers, gadgets, Ham Radio, tin whistles, family, his talented wife, and (of course) ICECREAM (which Punky likes, too)!  It is our mission to provide good clean entertainment for children (primarily ages 4-12) without undue exploitation and any overt political or social agenda.